New Zealand's original swimrun adventure
16 March 2019

is your team up for the challenge?

The Breca Swimrun is an endurance event where teams of two race together to complete a course requiring swimming and running.  The courses are rugged, spectacular and require frequent changes between swimming and running. Competitors wear wetsuit and running shoes throughout the race, no need to worry about transitions!

The Breca series of events takes place in both the UK and NZ and for 2019 the event returns to Wanaka on New Zealand's South Island.

For full details of this amazing series - see Breca's website

Choose your distance

For 2019 there are two Breca races to choose between - depending on you and your partner's fitness and endurance:

The Breca Wanaka (full distance)

Run: 45.5km | Swim: 8.5km | Transitions: 18 | Total: 54km

The full monty! A marathon distance event that will take even the fastest teams 6 hours and back-markers up to 11 hours. You and your partner will need a high level of grit and fitness to complete this challenging course. Long runs on technical terrain, tricky rocky entries and exits to the lake and breathtaking swims across deep channels will make this an adventure to remember.

The Breca Wanaka Sprint

Run: 16km | Swim: 3.5km | Transitions: 10 | Total length: 19.4km

The Breca Sprint is still a tough proposition, you and your partner will cover rough and technical terrain and swim through spectacular bays and channels before finishing at Edgewater resort, just outside Wanaka.

Helping you get the best out of the event

During the week leading up to the event, Wanaka-XC will help you become acclimitised and familiar with the lake and the surrounding area. We'll orientate you to your chosen race course as the week progresses.

Before the race we will make sure you are in the right place at the right time for briefings, kit checks and registration. We'll take away all the race preparation stress and make sure you can relax and enjoy the run up to this event.

During the race we will supplement the support provided by the race organisation with additional encouragement at numerous strategic points on the course.

Once you have conquered your Breca Wanaka race we'll help you recover, get organised and transported to the presentations and post-race party!