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2018 Merino Muster Ski Stay (27 Aug - 3 Sep 2018)

Join us in 2018 to ski the Merino Muster.
Our all-inclusive price of the Ski Program is $1,950 NZD per person.
For details of what this price includes, see our Ski Program page. We have limited spaces available so contact us as soon as possible. Bookings are filling up and if you are interested, please let us know, it'd be great to have you along!

2019 Ruby Swim Stay (21 Jan - 28 Jan 2019)

Join us in January 2019 to swim the Ruby Island swim.
Our all-inclusive price of the Swim Program is $1,950 NZD per person
For details of what this price includes, see our Swim Program page.

2019 Ruby Swim Stay (9 Mar - 18 Mar 2019)

Join us in March 2019 to complete Breca Wanaka.
Our all-inclusive price of the Breca Program is $1,950 NZD per person
For details of what this price includes, see our Breca Program page.


We are always happy to discuss any special requirements you may have, give advice or advise further details - please contact us:

Call: + 64 (0)21 122 9854


We are Wanaka XC

Tim and Nicole David

Wanaka XC was founded by Tim and Nicole David.  
Our aim for our Ski stay is to share our experience, passion and knowledge of XC Skiing and Snow Farm to make your race day experience a memorable event.  For our Swim stay we wish to spread the word of Lake Wanaka and the exhilaration of swimming in fresh clear waters.

Tim has over 20 years of XC ski experience, stemming from his time leading the Royal Marines XC ski team and managing Great Britain's Biathlon Team at the 1998 Nagano Olympics. His in-depth knowledge and guidance on everything from technique to ski preparation will help you get the most out of the sport.  

Nicole also has many years of competitive XC ski experience, her most recent achievement being 4th overall in the 2016 (3rd 2015) Merino Muster. Nicole will focus on our novice group ensuring they feel at home on XC skis and want to come back for more. She is also a keen swimmer and is keen to share with the swimming fraternity the experience of crystal clear lake swimming.