Skiing at Snow Farm

Your training base

train high - ski forever

Snow Farm was originally a high-mountain merino sheep station, owned by Wanaka icons, John and Mary Lee.  Snow Farm is now a world class XC area carved from the spectacular gorges and valleys of the Mt Pisa range.  John Lee (CNZM) and his wife Mary, dedicated themselves to Snow Farm and established the WorldLoppet accredited Merino Muster ski race in 1995.  We will ensure you meet them as they are inspiring characters. 

Today, Snow Farm is run by the Pisa Alpine Charitable Trust to ensure this pristine environment will be available for all to use. With challenging climbs and spectacular scenery, the 55 kilometres of trails is more than enough to keep you motivated.  

During your stay, Wanaka XC will guide you on our home trails, ensuring you are familiar with the race circuit and its challenges.  We promise to offer inspiration, motivation and expert advice.  

Snow Farm has comfortable amenities where we will also relax between our ski sessions.  When we don't ski to a hut for lunch, we will relax in the lodge for recovery time while appreciating the 360 degree views.  Fancy dog sledding, show shoeing or fat bike riding? These can also be arranged, refer to our program for further information. 

Snow Farm trails

Experienced Skiers will thrive with us

Experienced skiers know that XC skiing is technique dependent - it is possibly more important than your fitness.  Technique can be learnt, developed and fine tuned.  Wanaka XC are passionate about helping you improve.  We will help you by filming your technique and then review with you to find areas for improvement.  We are confident that no matter how experienced you are, we can help you improve.

Race preparation and strategy is also key to having a great Merino Muster experience.  Our skis during the week will cover the entire 42 km course which will help you understand the challenges that face you (especially the final climb!).  Tim has seasons and seasons of experience in waxing and is keen to teach those willing to learn how to prepare your skis. We provide the wax and tools necessary for this.  We'll also help you plan your race feed strategy and ensure you start knowing that you are prepared and ready for the challenge ahead.

A word from Tim and Nicole...

We'll help you be your best!

XC skiing is a powerful yet graceful skill that we love to share with other people. Enjoy the peace and be at one with nature as you glide. To feel the skis float over the snow, your body balanced between powerful kicks is both liberating and invigorating. To see others experience this and improve is what drives us!

Snow Farm is a fantastic, purpose-built XC facility.  The trails are designed to offer challenges for all levels and the setting is unique in its rugged beauty.  As well as XC there are other great activities based at Snow Farm such as  dog sledding, snow shoeing or fat bike riding or even ice-driving.

Wanaka is home to many elite endurance athletes drawn to its majestic terrain and mountain town vibe. It's a hidden gem that many miss when visiting the Otago Lakes region in NZ - a true contrast to Queenstown. The locals are friendly and hospitable, knowing they are living in one of the most beautiful towns in the whole world.  We take great pride introducing Wanaka and Snow Farm to our guests.