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Ski Novice

If you are new to XC skiing - don't worry!  We will take care of you.

Cross Country or "XC" skiing involves the entire body working vigorously to propel itself forward over snow, while gravity and friction tries to pull you to a stop. XC skiing is a tremendous upper and lower-body workout that requires core strength, aerobic fitness and great technique.  Forget about what you may have experienced before on school camps - trudging around on slow skis on boring trails - XC is about gliding quickly over all terrain, swooping and carving around corners at speed and then powering up inclines. 

XC skiing has been used extensively by professional athletes as a cross-training sport. Tour de France champion Greg LeMond frequently used XC skiing in the off season to maintain fitness, and many pro cycling teams used training camps on XC skis to put in training hours in winter.  This why we believe those already possessing endurance fitness, though having no experience on XC skis will thrive at our stay.

We have arranged expert ski instruction at Snow Farm.  We'll make sure you progress from XC basics on your first day and explore the Snow Farm area in no time.  During the evenings, as we relax, the group can share their stories of progression with you to assist you in your progress.  We'll also have an extensive library and program of XC technique videos.  Over the course of the week, you'll progress to travelling greater distances and by the end of the week, you'll be able to decide which on of the Merino Muster events is for you.

Concerned about taking time from your ordinary sport?  Dont! - a week of XC skiing, with the demands it places on the upper and lower body will increase your fitness.  It's no secret that the sport's athletes are renowned as having the highest "V02 max" figures (a measure sports scientists use to rate a bodies ability to consume oxygen while exercising) of all athletes.  In fact, the highest VO2 max ever recorded was by Norwegian XC skier - and 8 time Olympic gold medallist - Bjørn Dæhlie.
You leave the week feeling accomplished, and possibly with a new passion - that is what we secretly hope for!